Friday, 28 June 2013

NOTW- Nails Of The Week #1

Hi guys! 

Today I thought I'd start a series of weekly posts summarising the colours worn on my nails during the past week.  

Read on for more!

Bourjois 10 Days no chips- no. 15

Revlon Colourstay - 040 Provence

Monday, 24 June 2013


Hi guys!

I just find it easier to attempt to justify a haul through a video- what do you guys think?

Emillie xx

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Testing the trends- Blue eyeshadow?

Blue eyeshadow is very very scary. I've avoided colours on my eyes for years, as I'm sure most people have, due to its attention-grabbing nature.
Blue eyeshadow does have a really bad reputation (google 'old lady blue eyeshadow') which is a shame, as through testing it today, I think it really brings an appropriate pop of colour, if applied the right way and in moderation! 

Products used:
-Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeshadow stick in Tempting Turquoise 
-Barry M TMLP lip paint (the green one)

I think using the Barry M lipstick/stain really promotes the sports-luxe look, especially teamed with the blue eyeliner.

Also, this makeup is all pretty much waterproof- and would look brilliant with a bikini!

What do you lot think of the blue eyes trend? Comment below!

Thanks for reading,

Emillie xo