Thursday, 29 December 2011

January Wishlist

At the moment I am starting to attempt to save money for a laptop =, so there is a limited amount of shopping I can do. I do, however, intend to do these post of the items that, should I suddenly come across money, I would buy.

This lot is all from Topshop:

Pah. Dream on Emillie.

Oh well... What is life if you don't dream? Oooh i'm getting all philosophical...


Emillie xxx

....... The annual shock


So, after the last... disappointing.... post, I feel i should make up for it with a extra long one now. Yay.

So, for Christmas my brother got a bike (For all the bikey-people out there, apparently it is a "Hybrid" or so I am told..) and I got a black Wii with Mario Kart and Just Dance 2. After present opening, every year we go to my Aunties who cooks the roast, and we did the same this year. This winter, I have got very into knitting, and so I asked my Auntie if she had any wool or needles left over from when her mum was around (Her mum, Auntie Cathy, died about 6 years ago and was a strong knitter. She used to knit me and my brother jumpers all the time... I still have one Cardi left, although it is a rather bright shade of pink, but nothing a bit of fabric dye won't fix)
So, I asked her daughter, my Auntie Janet, if she had any old knitting stuff left. She said that they had given all the wool to a charity shop, but they might still have needles, so we went to have a look. In the wardrobe we found tens of jumpers, all knitted by Auntie Cathy. Some were a little... bright, but there were some also that I LOVED and were very 60's. My Auntie Janet kindly said I could take 5, on the conditions that I tried each one on and 'paraded' in front of my Granddad, Grandma, Mum, Dad, Brother, Dog and my Great Uncle, Great Auntie Cathy's' husband. So, I picked up 5 brilliant, unique vintagey jumpers, all hand knitted by my Great Aunt. I think that was honestly the best christmas present.

On Boxing day we went shopping, not so much for the sales, but more for getting Wii games, spending Christmas money and buying a few essentials. One of the essentials I needed was jeans, as I actually don't have any decent ones that fit, don't have holes in the bum and are comfy. It was during this that I picked up all the nice jeans I saw in 10's, then I thought i'd pick up some 12's to try on, just in case, but more to prove to myself that my legs arn't as big as I see them. But lo and behold, I didnt fit into the 10's. I was always a skinny child, usually wearing one agegroup down from my age, and when youre little, when things dont fit it's cos youve grown. When you're big, when things dont fit, its cos youre getting fat. I'm 14 now, and this is the first (of many i'm guessing) time I havent fitted something becasue of the fat. My problem with it isnt that I think 12's fat, it's just my top half is an 8, so I feel all out of propoption, and I kpt thinking "oh, I have a high metabolism, I can get away with having a Large milkshake everyday" which now clearly I cannot. So, I have set a target on mr Just Dance 2 to do 3 dances a day which "Sweat" about 200-500 each, and eat a lotta fruit instead of chocolate. I am now also only allowed a milkshake once a week, and if I dont get one one week, it doesnt mean im allowed two the next, cos that would be counter productive.
Also in boxing day shopping, I bought a couple of other things:
Sleek Lipstick in Vamp £3.99

Zara Iris "Powdery Woody and Floral" £9.99. Bargain!
After boxing day, I didnt do much except my family drove to a town on the border of Scotland called Moffat (We were staying in Newcastle, so it was only a 2hr Journey) and we had lunch there, and they had a brilliant old sweet shop and homemade fudge and really lovely villagey Christmas lights.

The day-after-boxing-day we spent in the car driving down from Newcastle. And thats it.

Monday, 26 December 2011

"HAGRID..... NOOOOOOO...." and an oreo milkshake

Hello Everyone

this post I a writing at 11.30 on boxing day... On my kindle , so if there are a lot of typos ormissing capitals then you know why... Our Harry Potter marathon failed. miserably. We only got halfway through The Order of the Pheonix (number 5) when we got bored so did a bit of shopping (i bought nothing) and get milkshakes.
After tha i had to go home to pack for a day in Leeds and 4 days in Newcastle.

Right,so this post is a sort of temporary thing, so i remember hat ive done haahah

Emillie xxx

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Harry Potter marathon


I'm so so so so so so so so so so excited! Today (In about 20mins) I'm leaving my house and going to my best friend of 7years' house, and we'ra gonna watch all the Harry Potters. According to google it will take 23hrs. So, we are having a sleepover and a eat-a-thon, then in the morning once we've finished all 8 movies, we will play just dance, to try and work off all that food and laziness. Fun.

Then my family and I are going to Leeds, to visit some family friends. The plan was to stay there two nights, then drive up to newcastle, where my Grandparents live. Unfortunately, my Grandma has a chest infection, so my Granddad doesn't want me and my brother and my mum and my dad and my dog up there to give her any more germs. So, the new plan is for us to visit our family friends, stay there for one night instead of two, drive up to newcastle, then stay there for one night, drive back down to London on Christmas Eve and then spend Christmas at home, but my Dad to stay up in Newcastle with his parents fro Christmas day.

I am glad that we can stay at home for Christmas, because this means I can use my Wii when I unwrap it, and that I can go sale shopping on Boxing day with my muslim best friend. We can also celebrate with the lodgers, who would probably be at home on their own for Christmas, so we can now play board games, share our roast with them and all that.

What are yo doing for Christmas? Something fun I hope!

Merry Christmas!

Emillie xxxx

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Welcome :D


Welcome to Emillie's Messy Drawer, my blog about everything. Mess. Maybe one day this blog will be as messy and filled with unrelated crap as my bedroom? Who knows?

Christmas is coming up, and I am so excited!!! I've asked "Santa" for a Wii, because when all the other kids were getting those for christmas, I was getting an iPod or a DS. DS'S ARE COOL. Anyywaaayyyy so now I'm 14 I want a Wii. I've also asked for some black dm's, a new watch and a cool hot water bottle cover.... I will upload pictures of the day, of course!

As for other peoples presents, I'm almost sorted.... with 5 days till the 25th time is running out.... I still need to buy a Tshirt from David and Goliath for my best friend of 7years, and a present for my other bestie, but she's muslim, so I think if my present's a little late, it wont matter too much.... I've got my brother some Home Simpson Slippers, where you put your feet in his mouth and a face wash, body wash and facial moisturiser from Plain Lazy, as he doesn't wash his face, and needs to. Badly. I have got my Mum Hugo Boss Orange perfume (75ml), slipper socks from Primark (She asked for them, i tells ya!) and a mascara and a nail varnish. As for my Dad... I'll give him a voucher for me not to talk to him or disturb him from work for 24hrs-he'll love it. Every year we ask him "What do you want?!?" and he says "Peace and quiet" so this year he'll get just that. For a day.

I will post pictures of the presents on christmas day, it's just that I wrapped them up before I created this blog and wrote this blogpost!!!

Lots of love and Merry Christmas'
Emillie xxxx